education ideas for Attorneys

  1. I have read ideas about giving a short presentation to Attorneys about "how to read a fetal monitor strip". This seems like a great idea! I am an OR nurse, and I love it! The problem is, to me the OR seems so simple! I am sure there are things I could teach attorneys about the OR, but I don't know what! Would anyone be willing to tell me what areas of the OR seem foreign to them or what they would like to learn about OR nursing? Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   madwife2002
    I imagine all area's of OR would be foreign to them, I dunno know if you want to teach them too much as they wouldnt want to employ you then. Or is this me just being a bit aprehensive
  4. by   sirI
    Hello, 2boysmama,

    This is a good idea to utilize as a marketing technique. I have a Power Point (PP) presentation that I use to present how the LNC can assist the attorney client.

    You might start by going to the AORN website and view some of their publications on medical-legal issues in the OR. Then, put together a program on PP and present at a luncheon for the client/s.

    I do a quarterly newsletter and on occasion, have some medical-legal issues (blurbs) in some of the different specialty areas. I've not done one soley for OR (PP presentation), but have for the newsletter.

    Good luck. Looks as if you are on the right track.