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  1. I have somewhat abandoned my quest for LNC, due in large part to the huge financial outlay it requires, and I think my community is probably not large enough to support that role... not enough business. I also see a career path of Certified Life Planner mentioned in some of the web sites... (move this post if you feel it should be elsewhere, but I thought I'd start it here). Does anyone out there have that credential, if so, do you enjoy it, and is it financially profitable enough??? Where did you get your training/education? Thanks in advance for any advice or insight.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Just got this idea. Professional counselor and life coach for prenursing and nursing students. Just by looking at all the threads on this site, there could be quite a market out there. You could get permission from the local nursing schools to advertise on their bulletin boards and perhaps you could do presentations at the beginning of the semester at the schools. Just a thought.
  4. by   CaseManager1947
    No... what I am referring to is a person ( RN's are being trained) to do life planning for say someone with a catastrophic injury, cord injury say or TBI), and then with tools, training, software Iguess, and algorithims design a life plan... cost of care, home vent, maintenance for home vent, generator for emergencies, etc. Soooo... I need advice from someone who is doing that.
  5. by   sdaug90
    I am following the same path. I felt the LNC field was too saturated and decided to branch out my business to include Life Care Planning. I completed my LCP course through Kaplan and then took my certification test through CHCC. The course was all on-line and at my own pace, however, you have to complete it within a year. I took the certification exam about 6 months after I finished the course (because life goes on and I had other things to do).

    As far as if there is a market: I feel that there is. But you still have to market yourself. The work doesn't just appear. I have been certified since January and have completed 2 LCPs and just got 2 more yesterday (yeah!)
    I would recommend checking out the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners. Also, Kelynco offers an on-line and in-person training program. This work is not easy - and it takes a lot of time.
    You can send me a private e-mail and I can tell you more, if you like.