Any Ideas on Becoming a Nurse Lawyer

  1. i know this board is for lnc - but i am thinking of going all the way and going to law school. just trying to get any ideas of what schools might be the best and how much a nurse lawyer makes? walter
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  3. by   NurseAmy
    I also plan to go to law school in a few more years. Requirements are the same for a nurse as for any other pre-law student. You must have a bachelors degree, and decent gpa and LSAT score. Do a yahoo search for nurse attorneys, there is a professional organization and they offer published information on their website. I also check out nontraditional pre-law and law student websites for tips about the law school application process.
    I hope to start law school probably fall of 2004 or 2005 depending on how much money I can save.
    Law school is usually 3 years full time, or there are some 4 year part-time programs if you need to continue to work. I plan to apply to at least 6 schools myself, a mix of part-time and full time programs, and will decide what to do based on where I am accepted.
    Good luck!
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  5. by   Cqc_Cqb
    Thanks for letting me know about the yahoo search, I usually use google but hadnt thought about doing a web search yet. I am planning on applying to school in 2005 and would have to work while I was in school, so thanks for letting me know there are some part time programs out there. I appreciate the information you have shared with me.

  6. by   Gldngrl
    I just finished law school and I'm in your area, feel free to pm me with any specific questions.
  7. by   lcraigbsn
    which is better: a law degree or obtaining a lnc
    i was thinking about law school but it is expensive. but i do not want to take a legal nurse course and still be considered a paralegal or medical assistant. can anyone enlighten me?
  8. by   jek2839
    Quote from Gldngrl
    I just finished law school and I'm in your area, feel free to pm me with any specific questions.
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    I am a 41 y/o RN who has recently been accepted into JD program for 2007. :studyowl:

    I plan to use my earned RN/MBA and future Juris Doctorate degree to boost my future career plans and switch from General Nursing to Strategic Marketing/Risk Management arena.

    A) Average starting salary for newly minted RN/JD's?

    B) Best career options for RN's in the legal field (Healthcare law, Risk Management, Healthcare Administration, and/or Malpractice)?

    C) Suggestions on law student internships for RN's?

    D) What type of VOLUNTEER experience should I seek?

    E) Any additional advice???

    Best regards,

    jek2839, RN/LPN-USA Licensed:
  9. by   MFP,RN.
    hi everyone!
    im happy to be a part of the family.
    hope to be friends with all of you.
    i wanted to address my concern with regard to becoming a nurs-lawyer to gldngrl who happened to have finished law or to anyone who can relate. i just want to ask for your help on how i could possibly be successful in taking up law while working as a staff nurse. im planning to take evening classes. hope you could share with me your experience and thoughts in this matter.
    thank you very much!:-)
  10. by   tnbutterfly
    Hello MFP,RN. Welcome to Allnurses and to the Legal Nursing Forum.

    This is an old thread and the member you addressed your question to last posted 5 years ago. This forum is mainly for Legal Nurse Consultants, but perhaps someone will come along and address your questions regarding becoming a nurse-lawyer.
  11. by   pazzaragazza
    I have some pretty strong feelings on the topic. I'm actually a lawyer and will be starting a MSN program next year. If I had it to do all over again, I would NEVER go to law school. I went to a top 20 school, but upon graduation had significant debt. This forced me to take the highest paying job I could find and in return give up my life for the past 7 years. My advice to you is to understand exactly why you want to go to law school. If you know precisely what you want to do and have no doubt about it, go for it. It's an education you won't get any other way. If, on the other hand, you're merely looking for something better, I can guarantee you, law school is not the answer. Good luck with your decision - be very thoughtful about it.
  12. by   sirI
    Hello, pazzaragazza, and welcome to the Legal Nursing forum.

    Thank you so much for your input.
  13. by   sacstate2010
    Hi, Pazzaragazza!
    I had a great teacher for Political Science in college. He was a lawyer before he started to teach. He was saying that if he could go back, he would never become a lawyer and that he lost so many years of his life doing his intence job. At that point I was deciding between a law school or medicine and I choose to go nursing. I have a Paralegal degree (AA from community college) and after I finish my nursing degree, I would try to combine both. (I actually haven't even started nursing yet, but I applied for BSN and hopefully will start in January 2010)
    Good luck in your MSN. Who are you trying to become?