advanced legal nursing?????

  1. Hi I am thinking ( slowly ) about legal nursing. I'm not sure if I am really cut out for something such as that, but they do make lots of money. Anybody out there know more about this than I do? If you are one, I would love to hear from you!!!! Thanks
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    Hello trmr and welcome to allnurses.

    If you are interested in finding out more about Legal Nurse Consultants, you might want to check out the Legal Nursing Forum

    There are those posting in that forum who are also thinking about this career as well as those who have already made this their career. I'm sure you will find not only answers but encouragement from those members.

    I will be glad to answer questions you have regarding legal nurse consultants. You may either post in the Legal Nurse Forum or send me a private message (PM)

    Again, welcome to the site.
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    Hello, trmr, and welcome to

    I moved your thread to the Legal Nursing forum for a better response.

    Just check out the sticky threads found at the top of this forum. You will learn much about the profession.

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