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I was was wondering if anyone has tried Janice Dolnick's Legal Nurses Rock Program, and if so, are you finding success? The only concern is the price and the unpredictability of the job market. If any one has ventured out to any other programs, that would be ver helpful as well! Thank you. 

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Hi there! I’m currently in the Legal Nurses Rock program and enjoying it. I’m still in the beginning phases because I’m working and moving while completing this course. Thankfully, it is self-paced. 

I feel that this course is well worth the cost considering the amount of information, encouragement and help given to launch and market an LNC business. 

Switching from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur mentality will help make a successful legal nurse consultant. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment. 

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Thanks! I am glad you are doing well. It does seem like a very supportive and comprehensive program. I am deciding between this program or LNC Stat. Have you heard anything about this program?

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My apologies for this overdue response. I looked at the LNC Stat website before deciding which program to take. My concern was having to pay for continuing education or renewing the “certification period” in LNC Stat. 


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I saw the Legal Nurses Rock website, but it doesn't provide much info and I can't find a total price listed anywhere. How do you like the course? Are marketing tools included? I heard that the initial price is a little deceptive, and they hit you with a bunch of hidden expenses fees after you start the course. Is this true? Thanks for your feedback.

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I'm being quoted $17K upfront or $18K financed. Is this for real? 

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That is sticker shock.

The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants Legal Nurse Consulting Professional Course with Resource Library is ~ $4,000.   Membership in this professional association (started in 1989) dues are $275.00/yr,  program cost decreases to 1/2.


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$17k is definitely ridiculous for Legal Nurses Rock, especially since they are so secretive on what you get. I went with LNC STAT. They offer 120 contact hours of training for the same price as the 60 hours offered by AALNC. Marketing tools and unlimited mentoring are also included in that price. 

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