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I'm a registry nurse (RN) and was contacted by a facility supervisor regarding missing narcs. My count was correct when I left at the end of my shift and yet this person was questioning me and trying to get me to point a finger of blame at other staff and registry nurses. Needless to say, I became pretty hostile to her over the phone as this is not the first time this situation has come up in this facility (not with me but I heard thru the grapevine it is an on going problem with staff and supervisors). I am pretty paranoid about this subject and am wondering if a: this person could persue this legally with my BRN to grab my license and b: what is the best tactic to take to document the conversation and her attempt to coerce me to rat out another nurse. I may be over reacting but I am losing sleep over this and it shook my confidence. Please advise! Basically I was undiplomatic with her over the phone and did not kiss her butt, which I would normally have done.


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the document or the computer record states that the count was correct when you left..right? So, I do not see a problem there.... in the future, make a copy for yourself. Next, if they have doubts about a co-worker, that is for them to investigate..I would not speculate on someone else license. Also keep a diary of any future conversations.

If there is an on-going problem at the facility I would be careful about going back there. I once worked at an ECF where the narc counts were often off....we had meeting after meeting.the ADON issued dire night during end of shift count I DROPPED a cassette of drugs ....we found them all..I went to take them to the ADON office as required for disposal..the other nurse stopped me, "Are you NUTS!?! If you take those pills to him they will disappear and YOUR NAME will be the only one on the records!..Who is the ONLY person with a key to every med room in the facility?!?"

Ohhhh yeah..a few months later the ADON was found to be dangerously impaired on duty and was sent to rehab.....and the med counts were no longer a problem!

But the other writers are correct.if the count is correct when you leave you should be, agency, and pool staff are always first looked at in cases like this....and there is some reason..we do move around sometimes before staff has a chance to get to know us well......

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