Can a Nurse Practitioner be Liable if MD Makes a Mistake?

  1. Dear Lorie

    I am a nurse practitioner working full time. I still would like to pick up shifts as a nurse in an ICU casually. When I'm working in the ICU as a nurse, can I be held legally liable if a MD makes a wrong decision or does not come immediately when I'm calling them? My current registration is a nurse in the extended class. I live in Ontario, Canada

    Dear Nurse Practitioner in Canada

    I am not familiar with the law in Canada. In the United States, the standard of care is what those acting under same or similar circumstances would do. If you are working as a nurse in an ICU, you will be held to the standard of other ICU nurses. Should a physician make a wrong decision, the nurse is responsible for questioning it if other nurses in the same circumstance would question it. If the physician does not come when you call them, I'm sure you should have policies and procedures in place to tell you how to go up the chain of command.

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  3. by   Triddin
    Will Ontario allow you to work as an RN and an NP? I know some of the NPs I work with state they miss bedside, but have to go to different provinces to work as an RN as the BCCNP won't allow the dual roles.