Legacy Health Oregon RN Residency February 2022

by Nursemone Nursemone (New) New Student

Hi everyone😊 just applied to the program! Selected NICU/PICU and L&D and Randall’s/Emanuel as my top picks (can’t remember my third choice). Has anyone gotten interview invitations? If so, which speciality and location? 

good luck guys!

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Had my first interview on Tuesday for the family birth centers across Legacy! Haven't heard anything back about a second interview or rejection yet, hopefully soon!


I had my first interview last week with Randall Children's and second interviews with NICU and PICU on Monday.  I received the official NICU offer today.  I hope you both hear back soon!

OMG yay! I was interview with the PICU and NICU last week as well. I accepted the NICU offer. We should totally connect :) 

I just had my second interview with legacy! Did they ask for references from you? And if they did, how and what did they ask for?  

Exciting NurseSarahC!  Yes, they do ask for references after the offer comes.  You must provide 4- former supervisors, faculty, or co-workers and an email is sent to them with questions to answer.

I figured this out once I received the offer letter! I received an offer for Family Birth and I accepted it. What steps have you completed so far after signing the offer letter and completing the references? I feel like I should be doing a lot more and I’m currently just waiting for my background check to clear.

Congrats!!  That is exciting.  The only other thing I have done is register to renew my BLS before Feb.  Sounds like at some point there is a health check too but I haven't heard anything further yet.

Congrats to you as well! Hopefully we hear more about next steps too! Maybe we will cross paths at the hospital!