lectures on fundamentals


Do you know where I can view even purchase lectures on fundamentals? Any information would be a great help. I am aware of utube snippets, but I was hoping on viewing the whole lecture on the chapters we cover in class as part of my preparation for my class. I would still read the ATI books, and study the teacher info, just really could use the extra help.

If you know where I can find a nursing fundamentals tutor, it would be great. Online, person-to-peron.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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that iPod thing is neat! Do your teachers use any type of mechanism to record their lectures and post them online? For instance, our teachers use Tegrity...and tegrity offers an iPod app that I DL'd to my iPod touch and I can listen to them anywhere I go, as long as I have wi-fi. Might wanna call your school's IT dept and ask them about that!


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Sounds great. I do not have an Ipod, but I will look at the sight and Tegrity. This will help me to get a better understanding of the material before attending the class. Thank you so much!!!!