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HI everyone, I'm just asking for some advice. I'm about to qualify as an RN in the summer, and need to start applying for jobs soon. The only thing is, I'm really not sure if it's the career I want anymore, I don't know if it's just pre-qualifying nerves or if I really don't like nursing. Has anyone else felt like this?

My student friends are all applying for jobs and looking forward to qualifying, but I just keep on feeling as if I don't really want to do nursing. Would appreciate your help on this.


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You've come this far, might as well see if you like it. What have you got to lose.Just take a deep breath, you can do it.


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What part of it are you unsure about? Perhaps it's the stress of coming to the end of the program and not being sure about being prepared about exams, etc.? Maybe you're just trying to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario by thinking this way? Or is it that you really haven't enjoyed any of your clinical rotations and are being completely honest with yourself?

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