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Leaving beside. New job advice?


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I finally made the decision to leave bedside nursing. I would like my new job to have as little hands on care as possible. I was a medical surgical telemetry RN for 4 years and a hospice case manager for 1 year. I am interested in insurance, nursing facility, and hospital case management. I am interested in research nursing. I am interested in care coordinator positions, and also clinic setting. I'm not sure how much hands on care is involved in clinic nursing? I would like to further my education from ASN to BSN and possibly MSN or become an NP. I am wondering which route to take. I have already had job interviews for 1 of each of the jobs I am interested in. Not sure which one to take if the job is offered. Which job can I continue to grow and use my skills, with very little/no hands on patient care? I love interacting with patients more that sitting at a desk or cubicle. I also wonder how I can stay in a job and advance as I continue my education. I also love travel nursing, I have done it before. I would like a specialty that I could possibly work as a travel nurse. I'm very excited for this next step in my career! Thanks a lot for any responses 🙂

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Davey Do

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1 hour ago, Coffeelover said:

I love interacting with patients more that sitting at a desk or cubicle.

First let me compliment your well-written post, Coffeelover. I truly enjoy reading posts like yours where I can allow my eyes to flow over the words and take in the information with ease.

Geriatric psych meets your criteria. You get to interact with patients and there's enough medical to keep you in the loop.

I work, or at his present time, "worked" geriatric psych for 17 years and have no complaints about the population or tasks involved.

Good luck to you, Coffeeelover!