Leave my state job?

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Hello everybody, im contemplating if staying at my current state job is worth staying at because of the pension and benefits. My job is not physically taxing and I have enjoyed the work/ life balance that it brings. My frustration comes with management and there is no room for growth and not being able to use my nursing skills and of course the low pay. I am in my mid 30's and is it worth sticking it out because of the pension and the health insurance that I bring with me in retirement or go back to the private sector in which I could make a lot more money and learn more skills

You might consider going federal if you want the benefits and room for growth. I understand what you mean only I did it the other way. I actually retired from federal service and now work for the state. Federal benefits are better and depending on where you live, the pay is probably better too. I make 30,000 less as a state employee.

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Look at federal. You can work VA or work at a military hospital or for the Indian Service.