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Leave promising job for nursing?

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Hi there!

First post here. I'm really struggling to make a decision on my career path and am asking for any insight/wisdom from you that could help me.

I'm 23 years old and have been working as an office administrator at a tech startup in the SV for a year now. I have been offered to join the marketing department by the VP Marketing, which is a GREAT opportunity for growth and mentorship.

The company itself is overall very "happy"..free lunches, flexibility, friendly people, it's kind of like a family. However, I am so unhappy day in and day out and get depressed thinking about going into work for a full day. It could be unhappiness that I need to fix within myself or it could mean that I'm not meant for the tech world.

Meanwhile, I've been reconsidering going back to community college to finish my pre-reqs for a Direct Entry Nursing Program, which was what I was planning to do before joining the tech startup. However, I would want to quit my job to focus on this full-time.

I have a 3.98 from my university, and so far have taken inorganic chem (A+) and developmental psych (A) for science pre-reqs. I'm also a certified EMT (although I don't practice).

I know the grass is always greener, but I need to make a decision soon, and am wondering if some nurse practitioners/MEPN students have any advice for me. Do you have a similar experience? Do you enjoy what you do? Do you regret it? Do you think I should leave a promising marketing career for advanced practice nursing?

Any insight would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks so much.

If I were in your shoes, I would stay with the tech job, but that is the answer for me. You are the one who is going to have to make the decision for you. You could change to nursing and be pleased as punch for the rest of your working life, or you could be more miserable than you are now. Make certain that other aspects of your life are not overshadowing your job satisfaction. Give sufficient time to recreation and your spiritual self. How about your relationships with other people? Lots of people remark that a boyfriend or girlfriend can do wonders for a person's outlook on life. And we're not even talking about the additional benefits of bambinos around the house. Consider everything. And remember that you can change again if nursing does not provide the satisfaction you seek. People don't always spend their entire working life in only one profession like they did a couple of generations ago.

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This is really only a question you can answer. Proof in point is that caliotter3 would stay in the tech position, and I personally would leave and pursue nursing. Two posts, two very different responses.

I am very much of the thinking that to live a life fully, you need to feed your soul and not your pocket-book. Nursing can, of course, be quite lucrative, and there are many posts on here describing how to maximize your salary. However, for me, although I am happy that the pay is good, I am much more about feeling fulfilled in myself.

However, I think if you're posting here, then you already know the answer deep down :shy:

I'm a bit confused. It seems like you are with a great company, yet you are upset with the idea of working a "full day". What is it exactly about your job that depresses you? Is it the hours? Because it seems like other than the full day comment, you work for a great company. Are you not intellectually stimulated enough? Are you OVER stimulated?

I'm not trying to persuade you one way or the other, it's up to you. I gave my career in finance 5 years before I decided it wasn't for me. My reasoning was the sedentary nature of my job, the culture of the department, and the lack of human interaction/making a "real" impact to keep me stimulated. My MANY hours of volunteer experience in hospice that I have done on the weekends helped me decide that the healthcare field was right for me.

Have you spoken with any nurses or shadowed them? I would recommend starting there, and spending a few hours every week volunteering directly with patients. Have you EVER worked as an EMT? What makes you think becoming a Nurse Practitioner would be better for you than this job, or an RN?

Not trying to sway you again, but you need to ask yourself these questions. Nurses/NP's work full days often (although you can feasibly work more flexible schedules). Nursing has the same challenges most other jobs have.

I was bored at 23 too. You might just be in the wrong job at your company. Have you asked for more assignments? Have you expressed what you are interested in to upper management?