leave of absence??

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If you take a leave of absence from work because you are taking time to figure out how you can work and manage full time schooling....can you collect unemployment in the state of indiana? Or receive any help? I have worked at my current job for 5 years....any help is appreciated!

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Usually you cannot collect unemployment when you take a leave of absence. Unemployment is for if your job is eliminated or if you were forced to resign, say due to hostile work environment (and you can prove it). Most employers (who have to pay for your unemployment when you collect) will fight unemployment if you leave for your own reasons, and they will usually win.

There isn't much help for such a situation unless your employer is wiling to work out an alternative schedule for you. Public assistance programs are generally not for those who elect to leave gainful employment to not work by their own choice. If you have PTO or vacation time you may be able to use that during your leave of absence. But leaves of absence will not guarantee that your job will still be there when you wish to return (unless you have a contract or specific policy stating it will be there).

I would go to your unemployment office and ask. Rules change all of the time. I doubt that they offer anything, you know how Indiana is..but I would still ask.

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