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Hey with some of the discussion lately about the enconmy and a tighter job market it made me think about learning another language (Spanish). So I was wondering from those here who might be bi-lingual, what is the best way to learn a second language? Do the computer/do it at home programs work? How long does it take to become truly profieicent in another language?

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If you have the time, and you really practice, Rosetta Stone seems to work pretty well. It helps a ton if you learn with a friend or loved one. It also helps if you have a fluent friend who can explain some of the grammar to you.


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Take a class - take lots of classes. Probably two years or more to fluency.


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That's so great that you want to learn!!! I speak Spanish and am currently teaching myself French... I have an undying love for languages. Anyway, I learned Spanish throughout high school... altogether I took about 5 or 6 years of it and am pretty much fluent, though I haven't been using it as much as I should :(. Spanish is a very easy language to learn, at least the basics.

I'm not sure where you live, but if you live in a city, maybe they have libraries or something with language stations. I live in Brooklyn and the NYC public libraries and Brooklyn libraries are free to join, and free to use their resources, including language stations, which are great.

You can learn online, or buy some books, or like someone else said the Rosetta Stone. If you want any help or anything feel free to message me.


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become friends with hispanic population,watch spanish soap operas.

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Move to a foreign country for at least a year and speak the language every day. This is not practical for most of us, but it works.

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I speak Spanish and English. The only way to really be fluent in a language is to be exposed to it everyday. My parents made the rule that our house was an English-free zone, so once we got home from school we could only speak Spanish. It was good because it forced us to learn spanish and I am very grateful.

Even though I got in trouble once for saying that I would be willing to help another nurse with her spanish only pt.........(I helped anyway.)

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