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Does anyone know what a Nurse Recruiter actually does all day? I've been seeing posts from nurses who apply for a job and never hear back.

I've had the same experience. One place that was advertising lots of openings didn't even acknowlege receipt of my resume. That's just bad manners. I saw on my Caller ID that I'd gotten a phone call, but she didn't leave a message. When I returned her call, all I ever got was her voice mail.

Seems to me that facilities are just wasting their money paying a recuiter who doesn't recruit.


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just moving the topic to a more nursing focused forum. :)



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I had the same trouble with our recruiter. Finally had to call the nurse manager where I thought I wanted to work. No she had not recieved my application. Got an interview a week later. I was there 7 years. This was back when we had too many nurses. If you can believe that. Just bypass the recruiter. If you call the hosp. main number, they will give you the nurse managers name and number.

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