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Has anyone attended or is about to attend Lawson's State LPN Program. Can anyone tell me about it? How long does the classes last,( like the time u enter in the class room, and when you leave) how are the instructors, how many clinicals, where are the clinicals, is it rigourous, etc your advice is appreciated!


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I have a couple of relatives in the LPN program and they say that you have to read a lot of material. As far as the hours, clinicals, & etc. I haven't asked them. Why aren't you focusing on tv RN program? I was told that the RN & LPN students attend class together the first & second semester at the Bessemer campus.


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I am actually asking for someone else, I actually go to Troy but I'm thinking of transferring to Lawson or Wallace for the ADN program because it is alot cheaper to just come back home instead of paying housing fees and things.


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I graduated from Lawson December 2009 LPN program. It definetely wasnt "easy". we had study groups, in class lectures, powerpoints and tegrity which is a program you can go to to listen to the in class lecture in case u were out. i felt as if i was well prepared after graduation. i passed the nclex first try. didnt even study for it! as far as instructors theres one particular teacher at the bessemer campus that is EXCELLENT (cant say her name per site regulations). she doesnt just read the powerpoints to the class, but she asks questions, have nursing games for us, examples to relate to, etc. shes very energetic and funny too! which makes her classes more interesting and enjoyable. all of her questions comes either from her powerpoints, or notes in class. she never tests on anything she hasnt discussed in class. unfortunately, not all instructors are like her.. anyways, my overall experience was good.

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