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law and ethics degree, who runs it?

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Can any of you kind fellow brits tell me who runs a law and ethics degree course for nurses. I'm at my wits end trying to find out, ta.

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Lulu34 specializes in family planning, midwifery, community.

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what level of study is it at this is all the degree courses available through unis


nut the only ones refering to ethics and law are these 2



however if you look up law or you look up ethics you get loads of options

if your looking to do it at postgraduate level their appears to be a few doing MA's



this is a module of the healthcare MSc (halfwaydown page)




there are probabaly other courses that have modules on ethics and law with out being a complete degree in this area.... this is probably why you have had difficulty finding information :chuckle

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karenG specializes in midwifery, ophthalmics, general practice.

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King college do a masters in Law and Ethics.. you need either a first or a 2:1 to undertake it. actually looks very interesting.


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