over 40 too late for traveling?

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Hi, want to wait til I get the kiddie off to college before trying out travel nursing. Is this a good idea? Will I be as marketable then? Will it be harder in any way you can think of?





42 year old RN with now about 8 years of experience.

Just finished a year of traveling and loved it.

Never too old for a challenging experience.

Most really good travel nurses are late 30s to early 60s from what I have seen.

A bit of maturity enhances this challenge it appears.

Go for it, fly the nest yourself, I kept the nest for years and when I returned the darn thing was intact...imagine that.

The little tweeters keep returning for info on how to enjoy life to the fullest.


Go Travel!!! You need a lot of different skills to be a good traveller, among them experience, versatility and a good attitude.

It can be the best thing that you have done or the worst, depending on how you adjust. Your age would be an assett. I had roommates that were in their 50 to 60s, and would travel for years to come. Good luck!!!!



Travel, Travel and when you think you are done travel some more!! I have been traveling for just over three years now and I love it. I am with a great company making a large amount of money and don't see stopping it any time soon. I think you are never too old to start. That is like saying the younger the nurse you are the better you are. I don't think so! The more experience the better. Go for it and keep us posted on how things are coming along.


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