Lasting Effects of using Marijuana+Formaldahyde


Just found out my neice is now smoking something called "wet" and was wondering if any one could help me learn more about it. She is now sitting in jail and I am going to visit her this afternoon if I can and wanted to take information for her to read (if I can) about the lasting effects of this combination of illegal drug use.

Just wondering if any of the nurses working in Psych have seen any lasting effects on people that are lacing pot with embalming fluid. I have tried to find information in several places and can find what immediate effects it causes but have not come across any reports that have shown long term effects on its use.

Thanks in advance for any help or links to where I can find any more info on the subject.


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Im thinking its not the formaldehyde in the emmbalming fluid that the users are mostly interested in, more likely it is the pcp (also called angel dust) that is found in some types of enbalming fluid. Weed lased with pcp make the high much more profound but is also regarded as beeing higly brain-toxic and can lead to reduced cognitive skills and psychotic episodes when used regulary.


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Yeah. I've heard where people take marijuana joints and dip them in PCP (nicknamed 'embalming fluid') creating a pretty dangerous mix. I don't think it's actual formaldehyde - there's no way that could taste good!

In fact, in doing a Google search here is what I have come up with: is controversial to say the least. It's a website describing various mind-altering substances, straight from the source - those whose minds are altered. However, this particular article gives a good explanation over the confusing terminology surrounding the practice you describe.

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When I worked psych, I have seen kids come in highly paranoid/psychotic with significant cognitive impairment after using this stuff. Many did not significantly clear until about a month. Nasty, nasty stuff.

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Thanks so much for clearing up some of the information. I thought they were actually using formaldehyde but I can better search for more information. I was wondering why I kept seeing PCP come up in some of the articles.

I appreciate everyone who has answered and will go to the link that has been provided. I am so scared for my neice. I am so glad that I am not young anymore!! Again, thanks for the help!!

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