Last week of summer semester

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Just wanted to wish everyone who has finals coming up this week best wishes and good luck. My last final in on Friday in A&P II. If the Prof is true to form, like last semester, it will be all essay (YUK).

Anyway, good luck to all!!:cool:

Good luck, essarge!

This is my second-to-last week of A&P II. My prof also gives almost all essay questions, so I know what you're going through! :rolleyes:

Best of luck!


Hope you all have the best of luck!


Finished!!!!!!!! Now a one week break,lol. I am going to Florida with my hubby for a few days and then next week I have surgery on the 15th before classes start on the fun.....I am haveing a laproscopy, hystroscopy(spelling?) and a D& least I will have a few days before class starts.....hope you all did well.

i am so jealous, robin! how dare you go to florida without taking me! *wink*wink*

have a great trip! :) :cool:

There are already too many people going,lol. My hubby's parents own a scuba diving shop and it is going to be a group of divers going....and two non divers(me and my sister-in-law). So it will be his mom,stepdad,brother,sister-in-;law,me and my hubby. people that have paid to go on the trip....we do get our own hotel room though...*wink, wink* I figure it will be a break from the kids and all so I can't wait!

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