Last QT 7 from Kaplan 50.6% :[


Hey guys, I just finished question trainer 7 now (2:24am) I had to stop during the mild of the day and continue it at around 11:45. My score was 50.6%:( horrible! i'm so nervous my test in 3 days! Anyone have any pointers or reassurance with their own scores. Here are my QT scores from 1-7: 65%,64%,69%,55.3%,60.7%,53.5% and 50.6%! How is it looking?

i'm trying to be positive it and this question trainer 7 isn't helping at all. I've been studying none stop my head hurts almost all day. i'm sure its the pressure of this exam. I'm hoping to pass so bad. if anyone has any suggestions I am more than thankful and willing to listen to all. I cant reschedule my exam, due to my length of time to schedule being over on the worried!