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Hello All-

I'm looking to enroll in LaSalle University's Part-Time Evening/Weekend BSN program next fall. Was wondering if anyone here currently attends or attended this school and could give me any insight as to how good/bad the program is. Any advice or information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi crp2000-

I looked into LaSalle's generic full time BSN program. I think I will be attending Thomas Jefferson University insted. LaSalle's program sounds great, and with the location of Philly, you have got tons of opppertunities in a wide variety of settings. For me I wasn't as comfortablewith the setting and location. Are you from North Philly? Do you know the area? It is sort of notorious for being a "rougher" area. Not that that should stop you, they do have security and if you comfortable with the area I'm sure you should be fine. Good luck with your decsions and your schooling!


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Thanks for the reply 'Tigger100S'!

Yeah, I kinda took note of the North Philly area upon visiting the is a pretty rough area. Bascially, what attracted me to the program was the evening/weekend convenience and fact that they only needed to evaluate my GPA/transcript(s) before allowing me admission. I had my eye on Thomas Jefferson also, however, I would have to go through the trouble of getting recommendation letters...that would be pretty hard for me considering my previous degree is in Finance and I currently work in the mortgage industry. All that to say, I don't know anyone I could get rec letters from.

Best of Luck to you in all of your education endeavors.

Thanks again for the response!!!


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I am looking into going to LaSalle Achieve program please let me know everything about it.


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i am in my last semester at lasalles evening program. the program was nice only having class twice a week and clinicals everyother. during the summer semesters clinicals were 12hrs and every weekend. that was a little rough. lecutre to me, was rarely helpful as most instructors just read their powerpoints and dont really "lecture", but i hear thats how it is pretty much everwhere. clinical sites were awesome! clinical faculty has been good.

as far as the neighboorhood isnt the safest, but thats philly! i havent had any issues since i have been there

if u want to know anything else feel frree to pm me.

excuse the grammar/spelling and "short" response, my 3month old doesnt like me being on the computer while holding her:)


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Hi MissJKm!!!!! Don't know how to do the pm thing (smile) yet. Please email me at [email protected] when you get a free moment. I need to correspond with you regarding the program. I hae some questions. Thank you so very much.

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