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I’m interested in ASN program at Las Vegas College in Henderson, NV.

Is there anyone who graduated the ASN program there? Or currently taking the program there?

Can you share your experience? Like how the class scheduled? How’s your clinical rotation experiences?(Which clinical rotations are hard/ tough?) Which classes are hard? How many people are graduating on time? Is there preceptorship in the program? How’s employment rate after graduation? If I need to move to other states, BON in other state will be able to recognize the nursing credentials from Las Vegas College? and Any study tips etc...

Any information would be greatly appreciated and looking forward to hearing from those who graduated from there or are currently taking courses there.:)

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On 10/24/2020 at 1:23 AM, KiyomiM said:

I am actually having a good experience at Las Vegas College so far. It's no easy ride. Lots of studying for sure. Right now they're in Henderson but they're supposed to relocate near Summerlin within a year to a larger facility with new state of the art equipment so the school is expanding. 

Hey there! Are you in the nursing program? If so how has it been recently? Thank you!! 

I’m currently enrolled at Las Vegas college I start January 24,2023. They are a sister school of ATI (trade school out here in Vegas). LVC offers way more than just nursing. I believe their classes still work on 12 week blocks. The require the TEAS exam before you can have an interview with their nursing board. Once you do both of those you start the registration process where they will give you a paper to get drug/alcohol test along with background check. I paid $97 for that process. Takes them two-three business days to get back to you once your background check clears. Then you are officially enrolled with them and have to complete orientation. 
they do offer traditional in class learning or hybrid. I chose hybrid just worked better for me. Their program includes all prerequisite classes, scrubs, books, and a laptop. 
One of my good friends attended here and they are now a BSN working towards their FNP. 

ayuhime said:

I lived in Vegas for three years and I have never once heard of this school....are you sure it's accredited and what are the pass rates for people successfully passing their boards?

That's because it used to be Everest

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