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Hello Every One!

I've been on this site for quite some time now while trying to find a Registered Nursing program that suits my needs academically as well as financially. I've gone to several websites and visited quite a few campuses in South Florida to include: City College, Keiser, Nova, Miami Dade College, Broward College, FAU, Palm Beach State College, Florida National College as well as Brown Mackie (there are a few more that I can't remember right now lol) . Most recently I have made contact with Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami, Florida. I found out that Larkin Community Hospital has a nursing program while browsing the State of Florida's Department of Health website: . (This is a good place to check if you want to know if a school is approved by the state of Florida and is accredited or not, and they also include the pass rates...) Any who, I decided to check out Larkin Hospital and here is what I found out:

Larkin Hospital is a "teaching hospital" and they have several residency programs set up for Allopathic medicine, and Osteopathic medicine, in connection with Nova University... they are also designated as a "Area of Critcal Need Facility" & "Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) facility". These things can be good for new nurses (Im thinking that it is at least) or nursing professionals in general since the government offers to pay your student loans back etc for working at these types of facilities for 2-4 years... Basically I spoke with the personnel there and their 1st nursing program is going to start on September 4, 2012.

The school costs a whopping $42,000 for the Associate of Science in Nursing and requires the student to pay $1000.00 down payment & there is currently no financial aid or student loans ( so there will be monthly payments)- however I was told that this cost includes your books, supplies and uniforms! Also for acceptance the TABE test is needed and a $50 application fee, and as of right now school hours are Monday- Friday 5pm-9pm for 20 months. I wanted to make contact with anyone who has more information or better "inside" info about this school /hospital... Im hoping to find additional people with information or who are enrolled to attend ? Also if I can make friends with hopeful students that would be great as well. Thank you all in advance for reading and sharing!


I just recently found out about the Nursing Program @ Larkin Hospital. Afterdoing some research online I ran across your post. There are many hopefulstudents in Miami in the same predicament. I've visited many schools in Dadeand Broward counties (all of the ones you mentioned and a few more not listed).After visiting Larkin yesterday and speaking with the Director of the program(which was extremely nice & informative) I decided to apply on the spot. Ifeel the difference between a hospital based nursing program and a smallerschool is that Larkin is being backed by the hospital. I know that they are notaccredited yet because this is their 1st class. Many would feel skeptical aboutattending a school that is not accredited. A school cannot apply for accreditationuntil they have two successful graduating classes, therefore I believe that theaccrediting bodies will give Larkin the accreditation when the time comes. Takefor example Keiser University, they were not accredited about 3 years ago andmany students graduated from there with no problems. Alsostudents that graduated w/Keiser before accreditation also receivedaccreditation even though they graduated before accreditation was approved. Keiser is not backed by ahospital and were still able to get accredited.

In regards to the price, Larkin has created a great way to help students achievetheir goal of becoming nurses. I know that $42,000 sounds like a lot but thatincludes classes, uniforms, books & nursing student supplies. I have notfound any other school that offers this. Also the school does require a $1,000down payment. The reason for the down payment is so the student can show the schoolgood faith & committed to the program. They do not have financial aid orstudent loans at this time. (Don’t know if they will later). I am hoping that they create a scholarship & contracts to work in thier hospital after passing boards. They have createda great payment plan. If you do have to take all pre-reqs the total will be$42,000. If you have pre-reqs and they accept your credit the total willobviously be less. While in school you do have to make monthly payments but youcan continue to make payments after graduation (180 mth = 15 yrs). I personallydon’t mind to make payments for 15 years as long as I was able to get theeducation needed to pass my boards. Because Larkin is a teaching hospital Ibelieve the education will be priceless.

The time of the classes is also beneficial to my personal situation. With ahusband and a son (2 yrs old) the class schedule is great for me. Many of theother schools have classes during the day and cannot say what times orlocations Clinicals will be. The clinicals at Larkin will be at their hospitalexcept for OB & Peds. For now I know they will be @ Children’s hospital andPalmetto General.

I’m not sure if I covered everything but this is my overall opinion on the new program.Hope to hear back from you. Maybe you decide to attend Larkin and we can beclassmates. :yeah:Talk soon.

Im not accustomed to posting on here. Dont know why it created all those errors. SORRY

Hey TJ1008!

Im so happy you came across my post. Im excited to have found someone interested in this program as well... I would love to be friends/ classmates! Have you taken your TABE test yet? Im terrible with math and I think I've forgotten alot of the steps that come with the math problems etc.. When do you plan to start?

I will be scheduling the tabe today. Not sure what day they will schedule me. Dont worry about the math. The TABE is basic math. You can YouTube some videos on the TABE and catch up fairly quick. I've taken the TABE before and it wasn't nearly as difficult as the TEAS. You can do it!!!! If all my credits are accepted I should start May 2013. Only because I would have to wait till the 1st starting class to get to the Nursing Core Classes.

After reading my post what do you think about the program?

I feel better, and a little more confident about making a choice. I still have to take Microbiology and re take Chemistry..totally bombed it at BCC years ago. Did you get any information about where we would have to take the pre-requisite courses at?

I've also looked at Florida National College , now university- they're accredited etc and FAU accepts their credits.. thats what I was concerned about. I plan to attend FAU for my master's degree since they have a program for RNs with bachelor's degrees out of field, it would allow you to go straight thru to the MSN.. I suppose Im still teetering on my decision. For now I've narrowed it down to Larkin Community Hospital and Florida National..

For the pre-reqs I believe you take them there at Larkin. Also I dont think that Chemistry is a pre-req @ Larkin, but it is a Florida National. Do you have Nutrition? I also checked out Florida National. My issue with Florida National is that they require me to pay $532/mth because I do not qualify for financial aid. They want me to pay off the balance owed to them by graduation. There is no way I can come up with that amount monthly with only my husband working and a child that eats like crazy. LOL $200/month I can find. Also the schedule is not good for me because they can only guarantee class time but not clinical times. They haven't guaranteed the clinical times @ Larkin yet but they have more flexability because its their hospital. I cant say if my decision is right or wrong but my gut says to go w/Larkin. I strongly believe that they will get accreditation by the time I would enroll into a BSN program. Who knows maybe they create a BSN program there.

OMG... TJ thank you so much. I had no idea that was how the finances worked at FNC. I wouldn't qualify for financial aid either, only student loans. WOW that makes me totally think twice about my school choices. Geez its scary out here the costs of nursing school seems that its becoming a business racket! I suppose I'll just be catching up on my math skills and schedule my TABE asap. The 5pm-9pm schedule suits me farely well. And the fact that the price includes tuition books supplies and uniforms is extremely appealing as well. Ms. Lena was supposed to contact me about when the TABE study books would be available.

Your welcome... I just came back from paying the application fee and for the TABE. I am going to brush up on the TABE test this weekend and hopefully make it for the test on Tuesday. Feel free to contact Ms. Lena (she is so sweet). Call her now before 5pm. Remember they have a class starting next week so Im sure shes just helping getting things ready. I agree with you on the cost of nursing schools. I've pretty much broken down all the fees for all the schools and financially Larkin seem to be the best for me. Also with other school you need to worry every semester is the classes got paid on time which takes away from just being a student. The way Larkin set up the monies we dont have to worry about visiting the financial aid office every semester. I saw that you mentioned FAU. Do you live in Broward?

Oh I also asked about the BSN program and they do have plans on implementing a BSN in the future.

Hey TJ,

No I don't live in broward, but since im in north dade FAU Davie campus would'nt be so far. I have a Bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership, and FAU has a program for RNs with degrees out of field.. Basically they allow you to go straight thru and get a MSN instead of getting your BSN first. So im just planning ahead! lol .. I have to tell you again, I'm really glad you were able to find my post, because I definitely needed the insight and extra info you have about Larkin. I'm just really trying to choose the right nursing school- and praying that Im making the best decisions. I want to be not only a licensed RN but a well trained RN of whom , can find adequate employment upon graduation. Although Im still thinking, I believe that I may go ahead and finally choose to enroll at Larkin. Gettin ready to step out on FAITH... :w00t:

Hi CDub72... How r u doing? I tried to message u but the site didn't let me. Wanted to let u know I'm starting Larkin this semester!!! Did u decided where to go. They administration at Larkin Hospital is amazing. Hope your starting to. Talk to u soon.

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