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Largo/Tampa/St Pete

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I am planning to move to the Tampa area later this year. I am a CVSICU nurse and have only a little over a years experience in the field. I am looking to stay in CVSICU and would prefer to work in a large teaching facility. Where do you recommend I apply or stay away from? Anywhere within 30 minutes of the Tampa area is fine.

Currently I am considering Tampa General, Morton Plant & St. Joes. I want to be sure I am not missing anything before focusing primarily on these three facilities.

Also, what are the interview processes like at these hospitals? Do any of them offer incentives like relocation?

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

Journey_On, BSN, RN

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I too would like to hear more about these hospitals, esp. Morton Plant (where I will be doing my clinicals).

All I know about Morton Plant so far is that it is in Clearwater and there are about 4 (?) different hospitals within the Morton Plant Mease Health Care System. It also has magnet status. Here is the website: www.mortonplant.com

St. Joseph's is www.sjbhealth.org

TGH is www.tgh.org

I'm sure you've visited all of those websites, but I guess it can't hurt to post them for anyone else who might be interested.

Good luck applying!

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Bayfront has a small six-bed CVICU that's relatively young, but they have 30 more critical care beds in other areas.

Most hospitals in this area offer relaction expense reimbursement.

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