Largo Medical Center- Clearwater Job offer



So I am a new grad and recently was offered a job at Largo Medical center. I am not from the area so I do NOT know much of anything about the employer and the kind of reputation it has. The floor i am most interested in working is telemetry.

Does anyone know anything about Largo medical center? the good? the bad? and dare I say the ugly?

Thanks guys :)


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It's a pretty ****** hospital. I used to work on 4d (ortho) and floated to 3 and while I worked with a ton of great nurses, they were consistently understaffed, especially with cnas. What floor were you offered? The ED is dangerous; I would not work there because they put the patients and nurses in unsafe conditions. The floors are doable, for sure, but it will be stressful.

But I don't want to totally discourage you, because I worked there a year as a new grad, got my experience and got out, and it served me well in that regard. And like I said, there were loads of kind, knowledgeable, supportive nurses willing to help me learn. If you're a new grad, getting a hospital job is vital to building a career in acute care, if that's where you want to be. And they had an internship for critical care, that once you had tele experience you could get trained in the icu, if you're into that kind of thing. So, if it's your only choice, take it. Baycare is another local company that has tons of hospitals in the same general area that is much mubh better, so I'd apply with them too, though.


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I wanted to add that working night shift is your best bet. It's hard on your body but the nurses on nights (in my experience at this hospital) were friendlier, less drama, less cliques. Also, day shift on the floors when you're understaffed and have too many patients is TERRIBLE--trying to do multiple accuchecks, 3 meals, family, rounding, bathing on top of all the other stuff is so stressful. Day shift nurses were always stressed out and bickering. I think it's easier at this hospital for new grads on nights.


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Yikes yes i was offered nights on the pcu/tele unit and they make you sign a contract for 2 years as well as during the 12-13 week training period they pay you 15$ an hour which is kinda crazy to me but i guess those programs are expensive

i heard about a strike that happened there but that is all thank you for shedding some light into the situation and actually i have a great job offer at North Florida and tampa general that i am investigating and i am torn between the two