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Langara Fall 2018 Intake


Hey guys,

I'm applying to Langara for the fall 2018 intake. Just wondering if there's anyone else on here that's applying too?

Did you mean 2017?

I'm going to start on my pre requisites (the five courses) in January.. and probably get them all done by August. That means we'll both be applying for the Fall 2018 intake, right? :)

Hey everyone!

I am planning on applying to the Fall 2018 intake as well! I am currently in my third year Bachelors Degree in Commerce with a major in Finance. By the time I apply, I will be in my final year. I've completed the first Biology course required. I am currently doing the second part of the Biology, Stats, and one of the English classes required. I plan on taking the last English in the summer.

Curious about a few things though..in my case will they see me as a degree holder when I apply since I will be done my degree by the start of the program? I will be in my last year of my degree when I will be applying.

I have also heard that if you have a degree, as long as you meet the requirements of a 2.33 GPA on the prerequisite courses, they will automatically give you admission? I know they prefer people with degrees but do they take everyone that has a degree and the minimum GPA? I have seen this on a couple of forum posts.

Anyone else applying?

Hey guys.

I'm 18, about to turn 19 and I'm worried that I won't get in due to not having any post-secondary education as it is considered an asset. I'm currently doing my prerequisites in Langara and hoping to be done next semester. I'm really hopeful to getting in into Fall 2018 but will most likely go for Winter 2018. I hope all of you are doing well.


I was reading the Langara Fall 2017 Forum and a few people got in with 3.43-3.58 with no experience. I certainly would not get my hopes up, after all, the higher the better. I'm really nervous as I'm not feeling too confident about my GPA at the moment.

I hope this may be of use for some of you to go on:

I applied at Langara in May 2017 to the Jan 2018 (Spring) intake. I was accepted at 3.64 GPA and only applied with 30 credits. (Doug Academic Foundations). I have no prior university degree.

Best of luck to everyone ♡

Hi everybody!

I was wondering when can we actually start applying for nursing for the Fall 2018 sem?

I believe it is starting October 1 is when applications open! I emailed an advisor and that is what she told me.

Hey guys! I'm also applying for Fall 2018! So nervous!

Does anyone know what the application process is like? Is it just handing in your transcripts?

applying with a 3.4 GPA, I really hope the cut off got lower this year

Does anyone know if KPU Psychology statistics 2300 transfers for Langara STATS 1124/1123/PSYCHOLOGY 2321 nursing pre req?

Hey, I don't think it does! A friend of mine had the same issue. They only accept Douglas and SFU if I remember correctly.

Man! Ya it doesn't show up in the BC transfer guide. It transfers to UBC and SFU and DOUGLAS and TRU, I wonder why it wouldn't transfer that course is hard as **** lol

Hi guys!

I'm applying with a 3.79 GPA without a degree. Is anyone else applying for the fall intake?

Hi! I'm also applying for the fall 2018 intake with a 3.8 GPA and no other degree.

I am applying for sept 2018 with GPA 3.068, does anyone know how they round it? Would my GPA be 3.07? or 3.1? Sounds like my GPA is not high enough from reading other forums :(

I'm applying with a GPA of 3.08... pray for me