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I just found this site, so please bear with me if I am posting in the wrong spot... I'm new! :) I am a pre-nursing student in a remote corner of upstate New York. It is over an hour drive to any college, forty-five to a grocery store, you get the picture. I would like to complete as many of my pre-nursing and nursing credits online as I possibly can, because with gas prices I can't really drive to school on a regular basis. I was enrolled in Excelsior College and I loved everything about it except the tuition. Simply put, I could not afford another semester with them without going way over my head in debt - before I was even in a nursing program! Can anyone give me some advice about other online colleges I can attend to get my inital credits, what programs to enroll in, etc? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! Encouragement is nice, too, because I am very discouraged. I've wanted to be a nurse since I was a kid, and my dream is getting more and more unreachable. Thank you all!

I have also done classes through Cayuga CCC and I have really liked them. I've always been a non-matriculated student and registering has always been easy and hassel-free, they don't charge you to send your transcripts anywhere, and a transcript request can be done online as well. I can't say enough good things about it, and it's affordable SUNY tuition. One thing I will say is that even though the courses are online they are definitely not any easier than if you were in a classroom, but if you've taken online classes before you probably already know that. I'm doing Pharm this summer and I did A&P II this past Fall w/Dr. Forbes-Cardinelli and her class was tough BUT I learned a lot! Good luck!

Cayuga also has a Pre-Nursing program which I'm pretty sure you can do it all online :D