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how to land a job with no experience

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Hi everyone!

I would like to get everyone's opinion on this matter.i have a 10mo old daughter and i am a single parent with no financial help from the father.i am currently a massage therapist but money isnt consistent.i need a career change. I want a career helping others and nursing would be perfect! However, I'm extremely discouraged when i hear of new grad nurses not getting hired due to lack of experience.what did you do to get your foot in the door?

Exhausted and anxious mom ready for a change! Godbless :)


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Can I ask a question that may seem unrelated to you, but that I think is important?

Why do you allow your child's father to not provide for her financially? It's his obligation and her right. Money coming in to support your child would probably make some things easier for you. Also, during school you might need help from public support programs, and in my state, you are required to pursue child support from the father before they will provide you any assistance.

As to getting a job with no experience, many people suffer from a fixation on hospitals and refuse to work elsewhere. So be willing to apply to LTC, rehab, etc, that other nurses might view as less desirable.

He is bipolar and unemployed.he is leaving the state to seek mental help.believe me, if i could make him pay i would! Cant receive child support from someone who is continuously unemployed...


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Yeah, that does suck.

Good luck figuring everything out.

You really just have to apply, apply, apply. I applied for over 400 jobs to every hospital within an hours drive. I lucked up in getting a night shift job 3 months after I started looking. But having ACLS might help as well.

hi everyone!! where can i apply as LVN with no experience? I was a PHIL RN and challenge the lvn and luckily passed...pls help thanks

Get a job as a CNA during nursing school so you have some experience under your belt. It would also help you determine if nursing is actually the right career for you. The healthcare experience will look good on your resume.