Lancaster General


Hello everyone,

I am a senior nursing student who will be graduating this May. I am interviewing with a few floors at Lancaster General in a few weeks. I am interviewing on 5 North, 6 East and the "open heart floor" (I can't recall the floor number!). Does anyone have any experience working at Lancaster General? More specifically, does anyone have any experience from interacting or working on these floors? I'm looking for any insight into this healthcare system that any of you may have to offer! It is most appreciated.


Specializes in Medsurg/ICU, Mental Health, Home Health. Has 17 years experience.

I actually started as a new grad myself on 5 North. I LOVED the Nurse Manager, he is a wonderful man. However, I left the floor after six weeks because of issues I found with the hospital, not the floor itself. I think the Nurse Educators are wonderful, and HR is great, but I had other problems. If you want details, PM me.


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