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Can anyone give me a review about Lark Charles LA? I am looking at a contract there, ICU stepdown. I am from IL, and have never been "south" so I thought it would be a neat experience. What is the staffing ratios for stepdown? Just anyinformation that you would share would be appreciated! THanks in advance :)


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Also I was going to add, it is Dubuis hospital! Thanks

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Y'all come on down! I actually live in Houston, but my job takes me to LC on a regular basis.

Lake Charles is not only a nice place to live, but close enough to New Orleans, Cajun country (south La) & Houston for nice weekend excursions. They have casino gambling in town - I really like L' Auberge du Lac, the newest one; it has regular performances by very well known entertainers.

Make sure your car and apartment have excellent air conditioning!!! The heat arrives early in the year and stays until long past it's welcome - LOL. You'll probably never meet nicer people or enjoy a more interesting cultural blend.


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Thank you so much for your reply! I look forward to hearing from them. Thanks! I can only imagine the "cultural blend"..ha ha.

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