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LACC Nursing


Has anyone here gone to Los Angeles Community College for their RN associate degree...Places like Pierce, or Valley...Can you continue to work while in the nursing program, or is there clinical jobs you do, and do you get paid for those?

Hello, I will be going to LA Soutwest for the ADN program this summer and from what I know, it is a day program. I am having to quit my job to go. And I do not believe you get paid for clinical hours. I will know more after orientation on June 5th. But it is only 3 days a week so you an work the other 4 days depending on when your clinicals are.

Will you be attending a LACC for nursing?

I am currently in my pre-req stage. I should be applying by spring 10 to LAVC, Pierce, and COC...I think I will apply everywhere to see where I can get in first. Just wondering if I should start saving all my money from my current job now..lol

Hi Rxtech,

I am currently taking pre-reqs at LAVC and hoping to be done by Spring2010; I was able to talk to some students currently at the program at LAVC and so far, most of them are not working, by choice. They said that if not in school or clinicals, most of them meet up to study/review.

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