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After 7 years in nursing and 2 years in L&D, I have finally decided to pursue travel nursing in L&D. I have my ACLS, RNC-OB, BLS, NRP, and have taken AWHONN's Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring class. My hospital delivers over 9000 babies per year, so I am experienced in L&D and high-risk antepartum.

My concern: As an L&D RN, I have no OR or PACU skills. I have never been trained to Circulate OR and it seems like most hospitals require L&D RNs to Circulate OR.

If you have experience with this specialty/situation, would you recommend: (a) getting another job at another facility to learn how to circulate OR or (b) learn how to circulate OR on a travel assignment?

Any insight on this situation is greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading.

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Sounds like you are from a teaching facility. Those places are good for other specialties but, not so much L&D. Residents place fetal scalp electrodes etc.. Do you even do cervical checks? You really should work per diem at a hospital that allows you to circulate and other responsibilities.

See this thread.



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No, you do not need to circulate to travel. It increases your opportunities, especially at smaller hospitals, but given the huge demand supply imbalance for L&D, it will not stop you from full time travel and very good money currently for your specialty.



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I'm not at a teaching facility. We do cervical exams, place FSEs, IUPCs, Magnesium drips, Insulin drips, high-risk OB, etc. Since our OR and L&D are very busy all the time we have specialized OR and L&D staff for each area.

Thanks for your thoughts! I will take a look at the thread you recommended.

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