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LA County Hospital RN New Grad Residency

by Lovefear Lovefear (New) New

Hello all, I will graduate with my BSN this December and have been looking up all the different new grad residency programs in the LA area, however I haven't had much luck with finding any information regarding LA county hospital RN Residency. I've read from past forums that they have them but I don't know where, when or how to apply. I've tried contacting the nurse recruiters but no luck there. I did read somewhere to look under the county jobs, but I don't know the specific job title to look for. If anyone can provide me with some information as to how to apply or point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

Hi Lovefear, I am just curious to know if you ever ended up finding out more information about LA County hospitals, or, even better, started working for one. I have been trying to figure out if Harbor-UCLA has a new grad program but I can't find much information regarding nurse residency programs, only doctoral residency programs. I'd really appreciate it if you could share any insight.


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LA County hospitals don't have an official new grad program but they hire lots of new grads. Go to the website kutadefroc linked and apply to the Registered Nurse 1 position. Make sure to fill out the application completely and upload a copy of your BLS. If you application is accepted you'll get an email in about 4-6 weeks to take an exam online. If you pass the exam you are placed on the eligibility list for all of LA County hospitals (USC LAC, UCLA Harbor, Olive View, etc.) You can then wait for a recruiter from one of the hospitals to call you but I would suggest reaching out to them because it can take a while for the hospital you want to call. Good luck!