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Just wondering what people have heard about working for Long Beach Memorial or Hoag (or other LA area hospitals) particularly in the ICU or CCU. I am a tele nurse looking to move to a critical care area. My previous job did not have good staffing and had lots of problems. I'm looking for somewhere that treats their staff well. Thanks for the imput.



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Hoag has a reputation for being pretty ritzy. The nurses I know there work in NICU and say it's a great unit. They like the hospital and they have a fair bit of opportunity for training and things. I don't know anyone in the ICU at LBM, but I know their orientation programs for the OR are supposed to be really good. I've heard bad things about their orientation for NICU though, so be sure to ask specific questions about their ICU program. A friend of mine also used to work at St Francis and loved it. I've also heard good things about Cedars.


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We hired a nurse from out of state who had a pretty good plan.

On two weekends in a row she called the unit she was thinking about working. She asked, "Is it busy right now?" If so she called back later.

She talked to staff and charge nurses on the unit. By calling two weekends and at different times she got some honest opinions and facts about the unit.

That was 12 years ago. She chose us!

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