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L&D PCA position

I saw a job listing for a local hospital and wanted to hear your thoughts on it....

It's listed as L&D patient care assistant. I called for more info and was able to speak to someone in Maternity. She said it's in Triage. I would be doing vitals, asking questions, putting on monitors and doing straight catheters. This hospital has about 4,000 deliveries a year and they are a level III. I guess all labor patients go to Triage first, but I didn't ask. All I know is I wouldn't be participating with deliveries. However, it sounds fascinating and challenging! Assuming they are in labor (or thought to be), I think that would be exciting! I also think it would give me a good idea of what being an RN in L&D is like. What do you all think. Oh, I want to clarify what I mean by my statement above....I don't think being a PCA is like being an RN; I just mean that I will work closely with RN's and see how they function and what their day is like.



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Certainly, if you are interested in L&D, it cannot hurt to take that job. You get to see what comes in the door on a day to day basis and get to decide if you like the pace and stress level. I am a new grad and a new L&D/OB nurse and it would be a bit easier to learn the ropes if I had had that kind of experience. Good Luck!:)


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PCA around here is like a CNA other places. It sounds interesting; I would look into it! Good luck.

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