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L&D nurse moving to Oahu

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Ok everybody I've been reading all the postings looking for answers to questions I haven't asked so I thought I would start. My husband and I are moving to Oahu at Kaneohe Bay. I work high risk L&D and I think Queens Hospital is the only facility that is of the equivalent. Is that true? Is it too far of a commute considering all of the traffic I am hearing about? Are nursing jobs readily available? How is the pay? I am coming from a sorry area and am wondering if in Oahu they pay higher rates to flexi employees or does that pretty much depend on the individual facility? Which hospital would be closer to Kaneohe Bay?

Here is a silly question: Are there mosquitos? Any other tips or pointers?

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You could get a job in a second at Kapolani Women's and Children's Hospital. There are always in need of experiened L&D Rns. Do a search under Hawaii Pacific Health and see a listing of all the available jobs. Hawaii Pacific Health is three hospitals in Honolulu, one of which is Kapolani's. Good luck on your search! Also lots o per diem agencys in honolulu who would get you anthing you want as far as a job. If you want per diem or agency work as an L&D nurse here in Honolulu, please PM me & i will give you details, pay is above excellent.

Well, you're moving to a pretty part of the island. There are a few bugs but they have not bothered me as much as the big ones in Texas. Read the previous posts in the thread about Oahu for more info. And remember that visiting paradise is different than living here.

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