Know of any externships in Northern California?


Hi all,

Happy new year!

I was wondering if anybody knows of any nursing student externships in northern California? I am in Oakland, CA and would love to get the experience this summer. I know there is a good one in LA at UCLA but haven't found anything up here really.

Any leads would be great!



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Moved your post to the CA Forum for more responses. Good luck to you!


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UC Davis Med Center in Sacramento has a student nurse extern program.


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UC Davis has externships, but they seem to be getting fewer and fewer. I know UCSF has some summer Internship programs for Nursing Students.


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dude... there are a lot of intership type jobs for us nursing kids.... I was a VALOR student for the dept of VA. i worked at the VA in sac and in martinex... they also have an outpt clinic on oakland on west grand ave... its the best in my opinion... they pay 80% nurse I salary, roughly 26/hr. the application is in march for this summer and continues throughout nursing school.

kaiser oakland also has a paid intership... i think they pay like 16 to 18/hr and have positions in med/surg, ortho and ER. many kids from my school applied and ended up working there after graduation. it is very similar to the VA in the sense that you also have full scope of RN practice under the supervision of a buddy RN

samuel merritt college, is in partnership with JMMC. a lot of students from our school applied to their "scholar" program and end up working at john muir. unlike kaiser or VA, the scope is that of CNA. they pay is great though.... if you work 16 hours at $18/hr then get 8 hours "free" on your time card... same goes if you work 24 hours, you get paid as if you worked 32 hours. the real benfit is that you are practically garenteed a job with a great magnet hospital.

UC davis also has a paid "externship" job... it pays less, around 12/hr and the scope is that of CNA, sometimes LVN, but UCD will take extern applicants before outside applicants, which might help in this "new grad" job market.

uhm, i think that covers it. i personally know at least two people that have intern'd/extern'd at each of these facilities and each has their own pros/cons.

in my opinion, go where you think ou want to end up...

i graduated December 2007, passed NCLEX jan 2008. I got hired at the VA sacramento's ED. one of the per-diem nurses at the VA got me an interview at kaiser ER (where they work FT) and I took an ER job there instead...

hope this info helps.... good luck

ps- which school do you go to btw?


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are these for RN or LVNs?


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BSN students in either their 3rd or 4th year.


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Thanks for the response! And sorry it took me so long to get back to you--- I've been crazed this quarter. I am sure you understand :)

I go to Cal State East Bay, formerly Cal State Hayward. Almost done with the hellish year! In one year I will be graduating finally. Congrats on finishing and starting your job. I am sure it must feel great to be on the other side!


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The externships at UCDMC are open to all students, not just BSN.


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Patos, Can you tell me what website I can go to in order to find those externships? I'm interested in Kaiser Permanente of Oakland, VA in Sacramento ones. I looked on their websites but I can't find any info on the student nurse externship positions. How do I apply for them? Please let me know because I'm running out of time and I'm desperate to find an externship! Thank you.

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