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care plan for total knee replacement


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Hi, I'm only a 1st semester nursing student, but I'm on the ortho floor so I see a lot of the same nursing diagnoses for things like this, some that we often use are

risk for ineffective tissue perfusion r/t complex factors .. physical trauma, surgery, hospitilzation, immobilization

Impaired physical mobility r/t musculoskeletal impairment associated with surgery and other complex factors AEB.. decreased strength, discomfort/pain, limb immobilization, weakness, limited ROM

Impaired skin integrity r/t complex factors AEB.. surgical wound, PIVs, hemovac, pressure, shearing forces, friction, immobility

Acute pain r/t complex factors AEB.. surgery, pain report, anxiety, musculoskeletal impairment

risk for falls r/t complex factors, weakness, foley, impaired physical mobility, IV's, pain medicaitons

risk for injury r/t complex factors... impaired physical mobility, fall risk

the main thing we do for scheduled surgery is progressive mobility/ambulation to decrease the probability of s/s of immobility which you can find in your nursing diagnosis text book, just look up immobility

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care plan for total knee replacement

Uh- what do YOU have so far? :)

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peggyfletcher: two recommendations.

1) change your posting name to something that isn't your real name-- in the internet, that's the wisest course.:twocents:

2) do not drop in to this forum and ask us to hand you your homework. that is not how your faculty expects you to research a problem, because it doesn't constitute reading about it and learning, and we won't do your homework for you. look around at some of the other "help me with my care plan" threads and see what you can do before you ask for help.

3) while many of us are reputable and reliable people, you don't really ever know to whom you are speaking on an internet forum, and you should never rely on one for definitive or authoritative data. use your texts and other published materials, and we are happy to make recommendations. for starters, get the nanda 2009-2012 nursing diagnosis book. you will use it all through school, and beyond.