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I have completed all of my pre-reqs and made really great grades except for my science classes. I took A&P 1 at a different college a yr and half ago, but was unable to finish the course because my son got sick and had to have surgery. Regardless of if I had missed or not I was not doing well in the course by any means. So my family and I have moved closer to where I grew up so I have help with child care and I have signed up to take A&P 1 again this fall.

That gives me 4 credit hours, I have to take 6 in order to keep my student loans. So I was talking to my advisor and she's given me a list of credits to take. I have taken them all except Medical Terminolgoy. I think that would be a great course for me to take! I think it will help me in A&P and in my nursing classes once I get in. The only thing that worries me is I am taking it through the Regents Online Degree Program, because I am unable to take it in class. I have a 4 yr old and a 9 month old to keep up with.

So can anyone tell me what to expect out of the class? Did you take it online? If so, how hard was it?

My main focus needs to be passing A&P because med. terminology is not required and will not help me to get into the program. Thanks so much for your help in advance!


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I'm in the same boat. I'm taking it this Fall online just to keep me at full time. The program description says it's about spelling, pronunciation, and converting between greek and latin. I hope I get a good grade!

Good Luck to you!


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I hope I get a good grade too. Good Luck! Maybe we can help each other :)


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Sure! I'm always looking for study buddies!


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Medical terminology is not a difficult course. But it is quite a lot of memorization.

Essentially you are memorizing the greek and latin root words, prefixes, and suffixes for a large amount of the parts/regions in the body.

When I took it, every week was a different system and every Friday a different quiz with an exam every 3 weeks.

My favorite word I learned in there: encephalomyelomeningitis. It means your brain, your spinal cord, and your meninges are experiencing inflammation. Your entire nervous system is pretty much in distress.

Index cards will be your friend. Get 3-4 packs of them and carry them everywhere you go.

Good luck, you will do fine.

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Don't blow it off. Excelsior classes are very do-able, but it will by no means be a "gimme" class.

Good luck.


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I am taking Med Terminology now however, I choose to take it on campus. It is not a hard class but a lot of memorization. Flash cards work great. I guess every teacher is different cause we didn't have to learn the greek and italian meaning but we do have to know the meaning of combining forms, suffix, prefix and the pathological diseases. We have a test every week, on 1 or 2 chapters, no midterm and a comprehensive final. So far I have an A.

One of my classmates in Biology is taking it online and they have wayyyyyyy more to do. They are covering 22 chapters, 4 test, quizes, midterm and a comprehensive final. My class is only covering 14 chapters.

Anyway, it really should be a cake course compaired to the sciences. Just a lot of memorization however, it will be useful for your other science classes and your nursing career.

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