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what kind of hospital is Centerpoint Medical Center?

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I agree, stay as FAR away from all HCA hospitals...I worked at Research (for a very brief period) and it was dreadful! Never, never, never, never will I ever work for HCA. I would work in a nursing home before I would ever go there! Not that I think working in a nursing home would be bad, it's just I've been told many horror stories about patient-nurse ratios.

I did clinicals at Centerpoint in the ICU and that hospital is horrible (except the ER, had fun and learned a LOT there). And not to forget Meditech (their charting system....YUCK! Looks like DOS).

Truman is very new-grad friendly. Worked there for a while until I decided I didn't want to be a bed-side nurse. But I would recommend them out of everywhere I have worked. You learn a lot, and they've updated a lot.

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