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Hi all, I would like to post a personal experience here from my first visit to my oral surgeon (this was a few years ago when it happened). I would like to know if this is commonplace/happens. Anyway here is what happened.

I had to go to this oral surgeon after my dentist was unsuccessful in removing a tooth that broke off at the gumline. To say the least I was very miserable between the pain and fear from the dentist not being able to get the tooth out, and the fear of having to go to a new doctor to get the tooth "surgically" removed. I had learned from past experiences that it is best to be up front and honest with your care-givers if you are scared.

Anyway, I told the nurse who took me back for the x-ray and pre-operative survey that I was really scared and of my past bad experiences. And she listened very intently and made note of it in my file. She was very kind to me, and really seemed like she enjoyed listening to me and helping me.

She suggested that I go with the iv sedation since it was also apparent that I was scared. I then asked how they were going to get the tooth out, and she said they would probaly have to drill it out. Now that scared the pants off me because the drill is the worst sound when it comes to me and my teeth.

So I went with her suggestion about the iv sedation. I also told her of my bad anesthesia experiences when I was younger and how fast medicines scare me badly. She said she would see what she could do about it for me.

They did all the routine prepping (ekg leads, bp, pulse o2, etc...) and they then told me that they were going to start the anesthesia. And it took effect very smoothly and gradually. It was very calming before it put me to sleep.

On a tangent question, is it common for iv sedation to take effect this way? That is not feel anything for the first 10-15 seconds, then it is very light feeling of relaxation. Then it grow to starting to feel a little dizzy or light headed. Then eyes wanting to roll back into my head, and finally vision blurred and then go to sleep?

Back to the main topic, about the time my vision was just starting to blurr, I noticed a nurse put her hand on my shoulder. By this time I am fairly well "drugged" and I can not make out which nurse it was (between the masks and blurred vision I could not tell who was who lol). I know this may have been the drugs taking effect, but right after the nurse put her hand on my shoulder I felt very relaxed and just went to sleep.

So, are these things common? And what do you all think of this experience. It was this experience that helped me start to get over my fears from when I was a child, and to say the least it was a tremendous help.



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IV sedation works that way. At least it has been my experience in giving conscious sedation. Usually quick but gradual onset. Not instant. When you came out of it, did you remember the proceedure? Most people do not.


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Did not remember a thing, thankfully lol. But what about the nurse placing her hand on my shoulder? Is that common? Also, may we chat in yahoo or aim?




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This visit another nurse put her hand on my shoulder again, but this time I was not as far out as it was the last time. And it was clearly to adjust the napkin under my chin. But still, the procedure went well. I will be going back later this month to get the last few out so I can get my denture.


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