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Well I think I just sat through the most nightmarish exam I've experienced in nursing school so far. NONE of the stuff covered in the semester was included and there was a whole bunch of stuff we HADN'T even touched on! I think I did OK on those with a bit of lateral thinking, but the worst bit was some killer multiple choices where we had to pick the best right answer. I'll see if I can give you a couple to see what you guys make of them! What would you think?

1. A woman injects heroin in order to feel the euphoria of the drug. She is displaying:

a. Harmful drug use

b. Addiction

c. Tolerance

d. Addictive behaviour

2. Symptoms of an acute haemolytic reaction include:

a. Bradycardia and pruritis

b. Urticaria and low back pain

c. Temp rise of >1 degree and chills

d. Wheezing and pallor

3. The MOST important thing to do before administering a blood transfusion is:

a. Take a very detailed patient history.

b. Match blood type to recipient.

c. Ensure you have the right giving set and drip rate.

d. Ensure the blood has been correctly cross-matched and signatures of 2 lab techs are present.

4. Which statement made by the patient indicates that he does not fully understand his diagnosis of Ulcerative colitis:

a. "The problem started in my rectum"

b. "The problem affects multiple layers of my colon"

c. "I need to change my diet as I am allergic to some foods"

d. "My problem is not able to be cured".


Is it just me or were these HARD to pick the best answer??? What would yur answers have been?? Oh well - will just have to sweat until the results are out! In the meantime I have another final in a week, so I'd better crack the books!


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My guess:





Good luck!


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#3 would be the toughest, because you would have to read a lot into that question, which they tell you not to do. I would want a detailed history, lots of important questions to ask. However, in an emergency, you don't always have that luxury.

So, do you know the correct answers yet?

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2.B (Possible NCLEX question)

3.B But B and D seem like the same to me


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