kicked in stomach while medicating, restraining

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Hi everyone,

I was kicked in the lower belly by patient wearing working boots, while trying to medicate /restrain. I was evaluated in ER and cleared, but now few hours after I feel abdominal cramps and overall not great.

It was bad situation, Patient v psychotic, aggressive + bad place, overcrowded psych er with no place to sit Pt down, short of regular staff. I feel miserable, not safe at all in my place of work.

While such feelings are expected, is such situation to be expected in psych er? Nurses being kicked as it is a street fight?

How do you deal with violence in a workplace?

I like my job very much, would not change it for anything else but..... It disturbed me, it wasn't the first time I got pushed, cursed at, spat at, yelled, but kicked in the stomach with great force.... Its a bit too much.

What can I do to prevent such situations?

What is expected from my employees?

How does it look from the legal point of view?

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First, let me say how sorry I am that you recieved such negative physical trauma as a kick in your abdomen. You are probably suffering the after effects of the trauma, both physically and emotionally.

It would take volumes to adequately answer your enquiries. However, you are on the correct path of problem-solving, in that you are in a data gathering phase.

There are courses in methods to deal with patients who act out, or self defense courses. Otherwise, in the future, just try not to put yourself in a situation where there's a potential for harm. I know- easier said than done.

Follow the rules of your facility in following up this incident. Seek guidance from within, first. If you're not satisfied, go to outside resources.

Get some counselling for yourself. Having recieved a stabbing from a psychotic schizophrenic, I can now attest that therapy allowed me to grow from my grief and fear. Look out after yourself first and foremost.

That's about all I can say in a brief response. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to discuss anything in more deatail.

Take care, aniutka.


So sorry you got hurt. Insist on further exam for yourself if you think you've not been examined adequately.

Yes, do file for Workers' Compensation and follow all of your facility rules and procedures for this type of event.

Try to learn to stay out of the way, not provoke or frighten, and have enough helpers that they are able to hold down patients while you do what you need to do. When you are giving a shot, for instance, someone needs to be nearby to control the patient's behavior. You must focus on the shot and can't expect to be able to also protect yourself.

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