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Kewl what is going on with childrens in buffalo (AKA hell lol)? i've heard so many different things on the news and in the papers, i just don't understand. That is where i am hoping to start my career. what do you think will happen???:o :imbar :o :o :o :o


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It's all about money. A consulting group came in and recomended consolidation with the other hospitals in the organization, some people are for it some are against it. I doubt you will be able to get a job there or anywhere else in this area. Serously if you can get out of the area and move some place that doesn't totally suck. You'll have better luck in Rochester although after the layoffs come, which they will a lot of nurses from here will probably try to get jobs there. Sorry just a reality check for ya, it's a shame they was this area has gone down soo fast.

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