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Just thought I would start a new thread about Galen. Anything and everything Galen can be posted here! Please feel free to share, or ask questions! I am still waiting on my acceptance letter,... Read More

  1. by   lasdrs07
    Yes, hopefully I'll see you guys!! I'm going to start stalking the mailman too...haha! I already stalked him waiting on my test results! I am only interested in day classes too. Hopefully we'll hear something soon!!
  2. by   krltdy
    [quote=1stLady2;3594537]I'll be back to stalking the mailman starting Friday.

    Too funny, but true!

    Lasdrs07: Good luck to you! The good thing is they were still giving Cpat's for the July start, so that's something to be optimistic about!
  3. by   christylou
    Thanks! I think it goes by scores of the Cpat test. With all the madness going on with the economy, people believe that nursing is recession proof career. Options like Galen seem more and more viable. Making it harder to get in. Last quarter it seemed like they were doing tours every day. When I took the test I found out I got in like a month, I want to say. I was admitted to the July class. It'll all be good I swear! Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   lasdrs07
    Thank you Preemiemama!! Good luck to you too!!! You are so right though, at least they were still giving the test for the July quarter!!
  5. by   krltdy
    As far as cpat results go, I received 188 out of 204 (92%). I've been chatting with a former Galen student that said she didn't get that high of a score. So, this can serve as a marker for your test scores. HTH!
  6. by   lasdrs07
    I got a 187 on the test. That makes me feel a little better, Preemiemama!!
  7. by   1stLayDrn2b
    Congrats to both of you!! It seems as if we are all in the same range. I scored 190. I say we are in!! I am looking for a good rolling backpack. I'm so excited. I don't know what I am going to do for the next 3 months ! Because you know once we get those acceptance letters, you will get your physical done and meet with financial aid, maybe purchase your books, then it will be the "waiting game" all over again. I guess we will get ourselves in a frenzy about the first day . At least we have each other
  8. by   lasdrs07
    1stLady2, I'm sure we are in too!! I hope so anyway! You are so right though, once we do get our acceptance letters it will be the waiting game all over again...haha! I'll be crazy by the time July rolls around. I noticed on Galen's website that orientation for the July quarter is July 11th. I am actually going to be on a family vacation that whole weekend. It has been planned for a year and is already paid for. I can't get out of it! I asked Gloria, who I met with during the Info Session and she said it wouldn't be a big deal. She said I could just do my orientation another day. I hope that will be ok!!! I'm already worried about that and don't even know if I'm accepted or not...haha!
  9. by   1stLayDrn2b
    I know exactly what you mean. I planned a vacation before I took the test thinking their schedule was like some of the other schools. Thinking I was going to get into the April class, I stressed myself into a frenzy, but it worked out. You know we will give you the heads up on whatever you need to know from the orientation
  10. by   lasdrs07
    I'm glad I'm not the only one Thank you! I appreciate it!! I'm sure it will be just fine!
  11. by   NHCNurse
    I am a graduate of the Galen LPN program and in my 2nd quarter of their RN program. I graduated from the LPN with honors and currently have a 3.7 in the RN program. IF you work hard and truly want to be a nurse, Galen is a wonderful school and you will do great! There are good teachers, and there are GREAT teachers, and you will experience both! Take one day at a time and LEARN what they are teaching...don't memorize it because I promise you will hear everything again at some point!
    Good luck to you all....relax and enjoy the time with your friends and family now because once you start school you will barely have time to wipe your butt ! It will go by fast and the rewards will be tremendous!!!!
  12. by   1stLayDrn2b
    Thanks so much J-me for your testimony And way to go with that GPA!! Did you go right into the RN program or did you sit out? I think our main thing is finding out if we are accepted or not. After knowing, we will do just fine. I am committed to giving it my all and all
  13. by   NHCNurse
    I graduated on a Fri. from LPN and starting RN the next Monday. I would not recommend taking a break, you are already in the swing of things! Don't stress about getting accepted, I'm sure you guys will have no problems!

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