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I'm an RN planning to return to nursing in the next few months. I would be great to have WKY support group here in factnet. Looking forward to hearing from any and all KY nurses.... Read More

  1. by   Elisheva
    Thanks, JinJer.

    Nice to hear from all the new posters. I know life is hectic for all of us, but I hope we can continue to post and support each other.

    I pay my fees for the nursing refresher course next week, and I'm anxious to start. Had my tuberculin test and rubella titer done this week. If you know any nurses who have been out of nursing for a while but are thinking about making a comeback, please let them know about this opportunity. It's the first time a refresher course has ever been done locally, so I consider myself lucky. It's not cheap -$1200 - but worth it my opinion.
  2. by   ksb13
    thanks for the info about trigg and JSMC. I have an interview with JSMC on Wed. Waiting to see what they offer. I am still thinking about moving to the Louisville area in the spring. My adult kids live there and was there this weekend. Lots of offers in the paper there. Still working prn for baptist out of Paducah and enjoying that. Luckily in nursing the options are many!
  3. by   JinJerEvansRN
    We moved here from Louisville 5 years ago, still have family in the big L. We go there often. Check our Norton Healthcare's sight on the internet. Lots of jobs there. They will be building a new hospital on the east end of town close to where I used to live. I would be interested in working there if we ever move back. Hospital construction will start soon I think and be done by 2009 maybe?

    I had one of my children at Baptist East... nice hospital.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   jam_mom
    Hi, I"m a 3rd semester nursing student in Madisonville. I'm planning on moving to Marshall County after I graduate. How is working at Lourdes? I would like to hear opinions on which is a better place to work at Lourdes or Western Baptist. I don't know anyone that lives in Paducah so I have no one else to ask. Thanks for any info.
  5. by   blaynern
    glad to see some ky nurses on here... I live in Bowling Green and work at Southern Ky Rehab. I have been a nurse for 3 yrs, and at SKY for 1.5 years. I love my job, and I would love to hear about others careers and families.
  6. by   ksb13
    Did talk to JSMC and was offered a position in home health, but it was going to create conflicts with my teenager and he comes first, so still doing the home health thing for Baptist. I have not worked in the hospital at either Baptist or Lourdes, but have done home health for both. They both have good points, but at this time I am more content at Baptist. I think the plan is still to move to Louisville in the late spring. My teenager is applying for a new residential high school in Bowling Green, on WKU campus and if he is accepted , I will move to Louisville to be closer to the older two kids. There are many more opportunities in that area than are available in Western Ky. Plus, I miss my kids! Even if they are grown.
  7. by   crb613
    Hi I am in central Ky & thinking about going to L-ville to find a weekend only position. I am a new grad (May) & have been working M/S since I graduated. I am just not real happy with w/my hospital. I am on nights & I hate it! If ya'll have any previous experience w/any of the L-ville hospitals...I would love some info on them. Thanks!
  8. by   ksb13
    I don't know anything about any of the L'ville hospitals but would also be glad to get any information. Might make my job hunting in the spring a little easier.
  9. by   Sarah311
    Hey there!! I am an LPN who graduated in 97.. I work in the Owensboro area.
    I am going back to school this spring for my pre-req's (LPN-RN Bridge). It's great to be able to talk with our Kentucky nurses!!
  10. by   JinJerEvansRN
    Where at in Central Kentucky? I am from Greensburg originally
  11. by   JinJerEvansRN
    Hey great news! I found a totally on-line RN-BSN program at Morehead State University, so far am planning to start this Fall '07 if everything works out. Seems pretty economical.. My hospital is offering scholarship with no commitment required. God is smiling on me!
  12. by   crb613
    Quote from JinJerEvansRN
    Where at in Central Kentucky? I am from Greensburg originally
    C-ville..My daughter-in law is from Greensburg.
  13. by   jam_mom
    Hey, I would like some info on Lourdes & WBH. I'm graduating in May 07 and I want to relocate towards paducah...I'd take any info I can get on both places....thanks

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