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I've read in a previous post you've written that you are a former Galen Instructor. I was wondering if you could tell me what to expect from Galen. I've read horrible things about other... Read More

  1. by   BBFRN
    Quote from slmcdo05
    This question is for BBFRN. This might seem like a really crazy question, but I am curious about how we practice giving shots. I had a friend who started Ivy Tech about 10 years ago for their nursing program. She didn't last long, because she
    couldn't handle the school workload and having to work a full time job. She said that they were told at the beginning of the program that when it came time to
    start learning how to give shots; that the student would be practicing on eachother. That could not have been true, could it? I hope that they were just
    messing with the students!

    I used to have a fear of needles, but now I'm over it after a hospital stay and lots of tries at starting IV's on me!

    Thanks for all of your information and advice!
    When I went to Ivy Tech, we really did have to practice subq's on each other- no IMs. I remember practicing at home with an orange for IM injections.

    As for Galen, you'll learn in the sim lab- which is fabulous, BTW. They have injectible body parts, and working arm models for IV insertion practice. You won't get to the IV insertion, until you get to the RN part of your education, if I recall correctly. I hope this allays your fears a bit.
  2. by   slmcdo05
    Thanks so much for your help *BBFRN*. I was pretty worried about that. You have definitely eased my mind!

  3. by   BBFRN
  4. by   slmcdo05
    Hi BBFRN! Some of us( July starting LPN Class at Galen) are really surprised that we were not drug tested. How can they allow students to go into hospitals and nursing homes without a drug test? Is this something that is done in clinicals? I have worked in casinos for the past 10 years and had to go through many drug tests, you would think that nursing would be more strict on this issue.

  5. by   BBFRN
    Good question, slmc- I'm not sure. A current or past student could best tell you the answer to your question. As a student, you will be closely monitored while passing meds during clinicals, though. I didn't even have my students pass narcs- I always did it myself.

    Have you received the packet of everything you'll need to get started yet?

    As a working nurse, you will most definitely get drug tested.
  6. by   slmcdo05
    Thanks BBFRN! We have all been through the process. We took an admissions test and waited for an acceptance letter. Then we went in for a financial aid appointment and had thorough medical paperwork to get done. The medical paperwork involved MMR and Varicella immunizations or titers, 2 TB skin tests, a physical and 3 optional Hepatitis B immunizations. I am surprised that with all we have had to do, that we were not drug tested. We have orientation July 11th. I have posted a question about this on another thread to previous Galen students.

    I have read that some nursing schools do drug tests for admission and that some don't do them, but that clinical sites do.

    I'll let you know if I get an answer from a previous Galen student.

    Thanks Alot!
  7. by   BBFRN
    Yeah- I believe the state of KY requires all nursing students to have a security background check completed as well, before you start clinicals.

    You may still have to get drug testing done at a different place. There are several places around Louisville that do this, and most places will send you to one of them.
  8. by   slmcdo05
    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we had to get a background check and we had to pay $100 for it. Thanks for your
    help and input!
  9. by   BBFRN
    No problem! Get ready for the ride of your life that is nursing school.
    Galen students move through the program pretty quickly, and you will do a LOT of studying.
  10. by   jsadler827
    BBFRN at Galen can you tell me how many times a week they do clinicals and do they let you know ahead of time like where you are going to have your clinicals and do the locations change everyday or do you go to the same site a few times?
  11. by   BBFRN
    Quote from jsadler827
    BBFRN at Galen can you tell me how many times a week they do clinicals and do they let you know ahead of time like where you are going to have your clinicals and do the locations change everyday or do you go to the same site a few times?
    Usually, you'll do clinicals about 3 days a week, depending on which quarter you are in. They will let you know your schedule/location ahead of time, and you'll go to the same site for each clinical course- usually the same site for the whole quarter.

    You'll be OK.
  12. by   slmcdo05
    Hi everyone! I just went to orientation and for the first quarter, we have clinicals on Thursdays. I don't know about future quarters though.

    Hi BBFRN, how are you doing?
  13. by   BBFRN
    Great slmc! Sounds like you're ready, and raring to go.
    Good luck with your classes!

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