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Kent State ABSN

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Hello all!

I am looking at applying for the Kent State ABSN program for Spring 2020 start.

Unfortunately I just missed the last info session, I was wondering if anyone could explain or provide insight on the stats they are looking for entry? How many students do they admit for the daytime cohort usually?

I’ve looked over the website and the gpa they have listed seems low. I have a pretty high gpa (3.8) and I’m taking my science prerequisites now (4.0 so far).

I also heard they have some sort of points system? Can someone explain that? 


Thanks in advance! 

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they should have multiple info sessions throughout the next year for you to listen to - they are online webinars. they do have a point system out of 11 points which combines your gpa (max 4.0), your science core courses (4.0) and then some bonus points for having other prereqs done. I attached the october 2018 powerpoint from the webinar. i don't think it's changed. 

Informational Forum Power Point 10.10.18.pdf

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